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Web Sites Developed

  • Assist in the relocation of Domain Names
  • Assist in the selection of Internet Provider (ISP) to Host Domain
  • Manage the building of your web site


David Wallach has deployed several Internet web sites including the following:

  • Abbott House, a human service agency in Westchester, NY.

  • Pearl River Lions is a local non-profit philanthropic organization.

  • Mid-Hudson Coalition, an Association Committed to the Development of Direct Care Practice.

  • Classic Postcards is an antique postcard dealer.

  • Pioneer Postcards is a publicity site that announces a new book on the history of postcards.

  • Social Service.NET, a consultation firm specializing in providing expert supportive consultation services to social service agencies.

  • Colabella & Associates, is an organization that helps agencies obtain grant funding using an established and dignified approach to all aspects of philanthropic and charitable activity.

  • DavidWallach.Com is David's personal web site.

  • My Pearl River.Com is a site sponsored by the Pearl River Lions with community information

  • The Anderson Diamond is marketing for wholesale distribution of a puzzle game.

Design Content
We help you to select content information that needs to appear on the Web Site . We also assist you in constructing and organizational hierarchy of the proposed web site. You will need to decide what functions site should have (Forms, Auto replies, transactions, etc) and we can
Design Style
In deciding the style of the site, you need to identify the best ways to reach your intended audience.
Market your Site
Announcing your Web Site is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of deploying your new presence. We can help you to identify the ways you can market your site and draw new visitors and clients.

Please fill out the contact form or call us at 845-300-8049.


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